The most important landmarks of Dubai’s tourist city and its importance in the world

Published on May 18, 2021 by

Thanks to the city of Dubai that has gained international fame through luxury tourism

Thus, the UAE has become highly dependent on tourism, as one of the most important non-oil sectors in the country

Gain international fame thanks to its luxurious tourism, as it is characterized by its cultural diversity, as well as it includes many landmarks that have become a symbol of its renaissance, the city of Dubai, UAE

The city of Dubai is the most important emirate in the UAE, which has made it one of the 10 most developed countries in tourism, at the Arab level, as the UAE depends on it greatly, as it is the commercial center of the Middle East, as its diversified economy and rapid growth have led to an increase in its population That amounts to more than 2.5 million people

In this report, we will review the most important tourist attractions in the city of Dubai, UAE

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is the highest skyscraper on the face of the earth, and the tower contains many offices, in addition to hotels and commercial complexes, and contains modern and very fast elevators, as well as the possibility to see the absence of the sun completely, as you have not seen it before, when you are Down, and when you go up the elevators, you see them again from another place.


Dubailand is one of the largest tourism achievements made by the UAE government, where tourists from different countries can practice all the different hobbies that they prefer, as there are golf courses, vast areas for horse riding, and a sports city, and there is also motorsport. Which includes all the global conditions for this sport.

Dubai Desert Reserve

The establishment of this wonderful and picturesque desert reserve is due to the protection of plant and animal life that is threatened with extinction, as the management of the reserve is based on the work of exploratory programs and many studies through which the movements and ways of life of these rare animals are monitored, in addition to other programs for the cultivation of some rare and magical desert plants.

The city of water games

Receives owe water sports thousands of tourists annually from various parts of the world, because it is the most famous existing water parks at the level of the world, containing Akol ‘s house , which is the second largest Akol in the world at speeds of up to approximately 80 k square Alomtra, as well as for (24) Game It connects to slides, surfing, and lots of different water games.

flowers Garden

This garden is one of the wonders in the world, as it contains 45 million flowers of different types and colors and it is called (Dubai Miracle Garden), and what distinguishes it is the design rudder that spanned an area of ​​about 72 thousand square kilometers , which made it be nominated for entry in The Guinness Encyclopedia because it contains a pyramid of flowers with a height of ( 10 ) meters, and its base is about (144) square meters.


Al-Bastakiya neighborhood is one of the most famous neighborhoods of Dubai known for its heritage and originality, as it consists of a heritage building consisting of two floors at most, and at first it was inhabited by wealthy families who came from the Bastak region from southern Iran, and the building was built in the style of wind towers Which was in the old days a local architectural style that relies on ventilation of the house and limiting the high temperature.


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