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It is distinguished by its ancient history, its art culture and its people, along with charm and beauty in every corner of its streets, and even more beautiful and magical by attending the summer season, because it is a peninsula that contains many beaches and small and picturesque bays with its distinctive and wonderful white sands .. it is Italy.

Certainly, you will visit it on a special day, after we mention in this report the 8 most beautiful beaches in Italy:

1- Cala Monte Turno – Sardinia
The beach of Cala Monte Turno, one of the most beautiful beaches of Sardinia, is located specifically in the southern part of it, in addition to being one of the most beloved Italian places in the world by Italian tourists or summer vacationers, who prefer natural wonders. , In addition to being characterized by charming serenity in its waters, it is also one of the best options for families with children, as well as being one of the ideal destinations for lovers of snacks.

2- Grotta della Boisna – Puglia Region Grotta della Boisna
comes in the form of a cave beach, as you can see in the picture, and it is considered the most beautiful cave in Puglia, because it is famous for its clear and pure water, as well as being the best place for fans of jumping sport, and it is also one of the The best and most beautiful nature swimming pools in the world.

3- Mecheleno – Calabria Region
The Michelino beach is located precisely along the coast of the gods, and it is one of the most beautiful and clean beaches in Calabria, because it is characterized by its soft sand, and a wonderful coral reef for lovers of diving and exploration in the marine world, full of magic and mystery.

4- Tonara di Scopello – Sicily Island
The beach of Tonara de Scopello is precisely steps away from the coastal village of Scopello in the island of Sicily, within the Zingaro Nature Reserve, and it is one of the most beautiful places in Sicily, which of course you will visit one day, to bask in the wonderful sunlight Plus and enjoy the sparkling sea in emerald green and dark blue.

5- Atrani – Campania region
In the city of Atrani specifically, the beach of Atrani is located, and the village of Atrani is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, where the beauty of its narrow rocks takes on the charm of your way to the charming city beach, as well as that the village is distinguished by the comfort of lemon, delicious food and the sun Brilliant.

6- Cala del Gesso – Tuscany
The Cala de Gesso beach is one of the best and most beautiful beaches ever in the Tuscany region, as it is called a hidden paradise, because it will affect you from the first moment when you see the light blue color in front of your eyes, next to the presence of small pebbles A bewitching beach.

7- Frati Varti – Marche Region
Varti Beach is located in the heart of the white rocks in the deep blue of the Adriatic Sea, when you see it, you will feel that it is paradise on earth, just watching its pictures prompts you to cut off the travel souvenir to Italy immediately, especially lovers of private bays, pure nature and transparent water.

8- Fegina – the Ligurian region The
beach of Fegina enjoys a charming marine atmosphere, and its sea has a very distinct Virsoian color, which you can see its shine under the amazing sunshine, and it is one of the heritage sites chosen by UNESCO.


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