Beautiful Cleopatra

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                                             Queen Cleopatra

Queen Cleopatra is considered one of the most famous queens that ruled ancient Egypt, she was born in 69 BC,

and was known for her intelligence, superior beauty, and high culture, as she was fluent in speaking 7 languages ​​fluently,

including of course the Egyptian language, although the rulers of the Ptolemies did not care about this,

and she was also known for her firmness. And her overzealousness.

Cleopatra is considered the daughter of King Ptolemy XII, and she is the last king in the Ptolemaic dynasty who ruled Egypt,

and Cleopatra succeeded her father in the reign in 51 BC with the participation of her brother Ptolemy XIII, who was nearly eight years her senior.

The work of King Ptolemy XIII on the dimensions of Cleopatra and expelled from Alexandria to private power,

and therefore Cleopatra planned to return to power resorted to the east of Egypt and was able to recruit an army of Bedouins to regain its position,

and when they arrive at Beloziom which called then Port Said; The ship of the Roman commander Pompey  arrived after his defeat in the Battle of Versalus at the hands of Julius Caesar,

who was ruling the Roman Empire at that time, and Pompey fled to Alexandria to form an army with the help of the rulers of the Pharaohs, with whom he had good relations

So, what was among the regents of King Ptolemy the Thirteenth  that they killed the commander Pompey in order to get closer to Julius Caesar,

believing that this was to improve their relationship and gain the affection of Julius Caesar, so they presented his head to Julius Caesar at that time, who came to Alexandria in 48  BC,

 but Julius Caesar was not happy with the death of Pompey, where Pompey was a former ally, and husband Julia, daughter of Julius Caesar, became angry at this and here

Cleopatra succeeded in penetrating the ranks of her opponents after Julius Caesar decided to stand by her after she begged and convinced Julius Caesar that she was better than her brother Ptolemy the Thirteenth in the administration of government,

so that Cleopatra enjoyed the beauty, intelligence, cunning, and strength of character, but the guardians of King Ptolemy XIII incited the masses of Alexandria Against Cleopatra,

the army loyal to the masses of Alexandria marched and the royal palace and Julius Caesar and Cleopatra were besieged inside the royal palace, and here began the Alexandria War,

in which Julius Caesar won at the beginning of the year 47 BC, after help arrived and the war ended with the killing of Ptolemy XIII and his aides, and Cleopatra received The throne of Egypt,

Julius Caesar stood by Guarkleopatra for three months, and he returned again to Rome.

During this period of Cleopatra’s rule, Egypt witnessed a boom in economy and politics, and after several years passed, Julius Caesar was killed in the Senate, so Cleopatra returned to Egypt, and here she announced the assumption of her son Caesarion,

who knows Ptolemy the fifteenth as a partner in the government, and he was at the age of seventeen at that time.

After the assassination of Julius Caesar in Rome, the kingdom was divided between Octavius ​​and Anthony,

so Octavius ​​decided to annex Egypt to the Roman Empire, and Antony was at that time seeking to be the sole ruler of the Roman Empire, and from here Cleopatra planned to become the wife of Antonius,

who was ruling the Roman Empire at that time?

Antony lived with Cleopatra for ten years, and the end of the myth of love was on August 7, 30 BC,

 when Antony prepared one of the most powerful armies, and Cleopatra pursued the army with great interest and followed up the war plan before the decisive battle of Actium in western Greece in 31 BC,

when Antony lost many of his ships in an attempt to hit him siege imposed on him but was defeated and committed suicide here to kill himself with his sword,

and when I learned Cleopatra Julius suicide committed suicide is also the name of a cobra to die, which is in full adornments and crowns the head of the royal crown

The story of Cleopatra has occupied the world of filmmakers, and several films have been produced,

the most important of which is the movie starring the international star Elizabeth Taylor.

It is worth noting that the search for the tomb of Queen Cleopatra is still ongoing, as it is a mystery that has baffled scholars and archaeologists from different countries of the world throughout history.


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