Beautiful Thailand-تايلاند الجميلة

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The most beautiful tourist destinations in Thailand to spend a wonderful time

Thailand is characterized by stunning nature, which makes you want not to leave it, in addition to dazzling tourist and archaeological attractions, which attract tourists from different parts of the world, as well as the beauty and splendor of its beaches, in addition to its wonderful tropical jungles, which makes it the most exciting country to this day.

In this report, dear readers, we will review the 5 best places or tourist destinations in Thailand , which you might want to visit one day.

The island of Koh Tao

Koh Tao Island is one of the most important tourist attractions in Thailand, because it enjoys a natural tranquility, for those who love to relax and contemplate the charming nature in which it is located, as well as its beaches that have a warmth that makes tourists who love to dive attract it from the sweetness of the world, as well as it gives licenses for diving With it, all this is next to the tourist jungles that you marvel at when you look at it because of its great beauty

Ayutthaya city

The city of Ayutthaya is the capital of the Tiladian Empire, and it is also home to more than 400 temples, along with ancient cultural monuments and many architectural masterpieces, before they were destroyed by the Burmese invaders in 1767 AD, but the state determined to restore the archaeological remains, and to To a large extent, it was able to return it to its previous state, until it became to give visitors an insight into the beauty and splendor of this city, knowing that it is located about 50 kilometers from the crowded capital in Thailand (Bangkok), and at this moment Ayutthaya is the most impressive city around the world

City Chiang Rai

The city of Chiang Rai is located specifically in the north of northern Thailand, and this city is distinguished as the main commercial center, within the Golden Triangle region, which includes the borders of the two countries of Laos and Myanmar. From the city of Thailand they discover other regions, unlike what happens in it at night, where the city is very illuminated by neon lights, which attract tourists, and makes its ticket booths crowded, especially in restaurants

Khao Sok National Park

Khao Sok National Park is one of the most prominent tourist attractions in Taland, because it contains a group of forests full of limestone, along with dense and high trees, rivers and lakes, as some consider it to be Thailand’s most beautiful reserve of wildlife ever, as well as it is considered Home to many wild animals in Thailand, such as Asiatic elephants, deer, bears and wild pigs, in addition to many different types of monkeys, such as pigs-tailed macaques and langur monkeys, and one of the things that distinguishes the park is the presence of several paths that take tourists in several Trips to see the picturesque nature of wildlife, which always attracts tourists, who thanks to photographing beside the beautiful waterfalls and swimming in the amazing natural ponds.

The capital is Bangkok

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand, and the largest city in it in terms of area, and it is the most famous among other cities, as its global fame came for its high-rise buildings and magnificent palaces, ancient temples, glowing nightclubs, crowded markets, in addition to the streets on which it stands Several vendors sell wonderful souvenirs.

It also attracts tourists to various restaurants, which offer the most delicious food, as it attracts the vast green spaces and flowering tropical plants, as well as the beautiful waterfalls.


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