The most beautiful places for coral reefs in Egypt

Published on May 18, 2021 by

The picturesque beaches of Egypt are among the best diving destinations in the world, due to the magnificent coral reefs it contains, and the rare fish that make tourists come to it from all countries of the world, in order to show you the creativity and pictures of the Creator, the Almighty, in the depths of the seas of Egypt and the beaches of Egypt.

In this report, we will review the best beaches for coral reefs

Mori Garden or “El Garden” area

The Mori Garden is a challenging area located in the north of Dahab, Sharm El Sheikh, and what is distinctive about this area is that it contains countless numbers of wonderful rare fish that cover the sea floor amidst amazing coral reefs blocks that you have never seen before, to find special pleasure Dive into the region, to discover a world of magic and imagination.

Blue Hole

The blue hole or what is known as the blue hole is a very deep hole or well (basement) in the Red Sea in Egypt, reaching a depth of 130 meters with a shallow hole 6 meters wide known as the saddle, in addition to a hole for exit from the hole or the blue well into the sea The open air is called the arch in the form of a long tunnel with a length of 26 meters , and this area is what attracts divers, as it contains colorful and rare fish and charming and picturesque coral reefs.

Ras Muhammed Reserve

Specifically, Ras Mohammed is located about 25 km southwest of the city of  Sharm el-sheik governorate south of Sina, the most important thing that distinguishes it is a picturesque coral reef in deep ocean water to Ras Mohammed and fishes colorful endangered marine turtle species and aquatic rare, and that coral reefs play an important role In attracting tourists, as it surrounds Ras Mohammed from all its marine sides and forms a unique formation, which has a great impact on shaping the natural life in the region, not only that, but it is considered a destination for divers in the world because it combines three environments in a wonderful assortment of marine algae and wonderful coral reefs.

The wreck site of the sunken English supply ship (Cecil Gorm)

The shipwreck site, which is located specifically in the north of Hurghada, is the most popular and beloved place for divers among others, why? .. Because the ship is an open living museum for aquatic life and colorful rare fish in the middle of the wonderful coral reefs that make you astonished at seeing it, as well as It contains dozens of pieces of World War II equipment, including war cars and motorcycles, and its location is considered one of the most important tourist diving sites in the governorate, where thousands of divers visit it annually.

Sateeh reef

The Setayeh Reef is one of the world-famous reef areas that are accepted by all visitors from different parts of the world due to its wide spread, and it is located specifically within the Wadi El-Gemal Reserve south of the city of Marsa Alam in the Red Sea borders, and it is the largest gathering of rotating dolphins in the Red Sea because its flocks consist of Dozens of tourists who came to see them every day fondled, which means that diving enthusiasts will be able to swim and snorkel using a snorkel in the coral reef area.


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