Disneyland between reality and fiction

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Who among us does not forget the world of childhood, cartoons and well-known Disneyland characters, or who does not like to spend a very pleasant time in one of the most beautiful tourist places in the world, in which magic, imagination, games, and cartoon characters that we love from childhood meet if you are a fan of games and Disney characters. You should visit Disneyland

The city of Disneyland is one of the most famous tourist places in the world, which accepts millions of tourists annually from all over the world,

where a visitor buzzes himself out of the world of truth and entered into cartoon films,

in addition to hearing the sound of music that emanates from everywhere, in addition to the buildings Quite similar to those that appear in the movies,

with distinctive and unique games that are unparalleled in any other city in the world,

and because it is the largest amusement park in the world dedicated to young and old

In 1955, it was opened for the first time in the state of California in America, over an area of 160 acres,

where specifically located in the city of Anaheim, and which are displayed characters Disney movies,

in addition to watching the fountains picturesque and various lights,

as well as the practice of a large number of activities that can be performed In addition,

there is a resort for tourists to stay in

The city of Disneyland is owned by the Walt Disney Company of America,

and it has now become many branches of Disneyland in several regions of the world in Florida,

Tokyo, Paris, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Algeria

The most famous places in Disneyland

Where the city of Disneyland is divided into many places that are distinguished by each one separately, and it is the kingdom of magic:

it is one of the first places to open within the city of Disneyland and is famous for being the largest amusement park in it, this kingdom is located in the center of Disneyland and constitutes its most lively center,

The most important thing that distinguishes it is the presence of the Cinderella Castle in its center, and it has many special shows and famous games.

The kingdom of magic is divided into 6 lands, each land has its own activities and games, and these lands are the land of adventure,

the land of imagination, the frontier land, the land of tomorrow, and the main street.

: Epcot

Epcot is one of the educational and technological amusement parks, within the world of Disneyland, as it consists of 18 floors taken in a spherical shape,

and it is completed in two parts, one of which is the future world that displays the most important scientific inventions

Animal Kingdom: It is a huge zoo, in which there are lions, elephants, gorillas,

and many other animals, in addition to exciting games, where visitors can make safari trips,

take the express train through the forests or go on adventures through the paths of discovery

Snowy lake shore

It is a water park in Disneyland, and it represents a wonderful resort for skiing on the beautiful snow,

and at the same time, it is a white sand beach to relax and swim in its picturesque hot waters that affect tourists,

and one of the most important attractions in this park is Mount Gushmore and the rubber tube

Hurricane Typhoon Lake: It is another water park in the city of Disneyland,

and tourists or visitors can learn more about marine life through it, in addition to playing with water slides, surfing,

jumping with sharks and tropical fish, and many other activities

Disneyland characters

Mickey Mouse: Mickey Mouse, the black mouse with a human body,

was invented in 1928 and is one of the most famous cartoon characters loved by the masses,

and he has appeared in many cartoon films and short films.


The character of Princess Cinderella is one of all Disneyland world sisters,

and she is the heroine of the well-known Cinderella tale produced by Disney.

The Cinderella movie premiered in February  1950  and achieved overwhelming success and other parts were produced for it in  2002 and  2007.

: Winnie the Pooh

Which everyone falls in love with, and it is one of the cartoon characters that Disneyland was inspired by a real bear, and it is one of the beautiful characters that has a pure heart,

and Pooh’s character is characterized by courage and boldness in difficult times,

and his kindness of heart, eminence, and childish face..also known about Pooh He loves honey

: snow White

In 1937 the character of Snow White was invented, and it is one of the most famous and old Disney cartoon characters that young girls adore.

It was also presented in the animated film  Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Battout: In 1934, the character of Donald was created, which is unique from the rest of the characters, because his character was inspired after hearing his voice from the actor Clarence Nass.


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