Five charming beaches to go to in Egypt

Published on May 18, 2021 by

Egypt may be known for the splendor of its civilization, its ancient monuments, and its pyramids, which are one of the seven wonders of the world, but it also has several amazing and wonderful shores whose waters are characterized by clarity and purity, where they make you feel relaxed, able to bring tourists from different countries of the world.

In this report, we will review the 5 best beaches in Egypt or the world so that you can discover the luxury and natural beauty of this amazing country .:

1- Bay of Fjord – Taba
If you see the Bay of Fjord, which is located specifically 15 km from the city of Taba, you will feel that it is a piece of paradise, and it is an ideal place for scuba diving, because it is characterized by a huge area of ​​coral reefs that lie below the fjord, as well as having a quantity Huge different species of huge fish, which live among the coral reefs.

2- Ras Abu Gallum – Dahab
If you are looking for one of the wonderful places to practice diving, you should visit Ras Abu Gallum, which is located 15 km from the coastal city of Dahab, as it is a piece of the bright blue ocean, as well as it has a wonderful desert view from Around it, which makes it a very special place to visit. It also features hard and soft coral reefs interspersed with many wonderful species of fish.

3- Nuweiba Nuweiba
Beach is located on the coast of the Gulf of Aqaba, and it is a simple beach without complexity, as the most interesting part of it includes a Bedouin village, and unlike the rest of the resorts in which is located on the coast of the Gulf of Aqaba, its value as a place of tourist attraction is diminished compared to advanced resorts such as Sharm The sheikh, but the strange thing is that his lack of infrastructure adds a bit of charm to him, as it is a magnet for young tourists, who love camping, and it is a great place to spend a few days enjoying the traditional culture and exploring the natural beauty of the region.


4- Ras Umm Sid – Sharm El Sheikh
Ras Umm Sid is located in the upper part of the peninsula, and it is one of the best beaches in Sharm El Sheikh, because it has a variety of activities that can be done, and it is very popular with divers who want to explore the wealth of Life is under the waves, and divers who visit Egypt cannot forget its splendor as the beauty of the coral reefs attracts them, as rare fish come out and disappear in the amazing formations, which can also be seen simply by diving in shallow water and it is a great way for children to learn about the ocean.


5- El Gouna
is located specifically in the north of the Red Sea on the eastern coast of Egypt, and the word El Gouna in Arabic means the lake, and it denotes the name of a stylish and modern beach, which is characterized by its great attraction to tourists from various countries, who use jet aircraft to enjoy upscale shopping and the diverse scene for eating, Of course, a very attractive beach, as well as it is famous for its various water sports, and the picturesque landscape is surrounded by a network of canals and lakes, with sandy islands in the middle. Staying in El Gouna means vacation days that you spend relaxing on the white sandy beaches or playing at the famous golf course in the area.


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