The most important tourist attractions in France

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It has a charming beauty and eye-catching tourist attractions, and all people from around the world come to it in order to see the perfect art in every street, as it is a very prestigious country, and not only that, but it is the most modern and modern country, as well as it enjoys a prominent and important position among countries … the European country, France

In the beginning, France is located in the west of the continent of Europe, and its capital is Paris, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, as well as it includes several regions, around the world, which are French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Mayotte, and Reunion, and for the total area of ​​France it is 551,500 km2, and it lives In France there are 62,814,233 people.

With regard to tourism in France, we must draw your attention that France is the most visited country in the world by tourists, and is the third most visited country in terms of tourist income, because it includes several attractive and important tourist destinations that attract various tourists from different countries of the world, there are 42 A different tourist site in France.

But what are the most prominent tourist attractions in France, hopefully you will want to visit it after this report … Well, we will tell you now:

First, the Louvre

The Louvre Museum is one of the most visited tourist destinations in France, and is located specifically in the capital, Paris, and the Louvre Museum has a distinct and attractive architectural character, as many engineers worked to create it after it was a palace for the residence of presidents, until it was opened in August 1793, but what does it  include The Louvre Museum? .. The Louvre displays a wide range of Western history from the Middle Ages to the nineteenth century AD.

Eiffel Tower The Eiffel Tower
is one of the most prominent landmarks that characterize France, as it was established in 1889 AD by the engineer Gustave Eiffel, in honor of the centenary celebration of the French Revolution, and it took two years, two months and five days to build.

The Eiffel Tower was a symbol of superior technological ingenuity and French engineering advancement, as well as that the Eiffel Tower is one of the most important tourist attractions in France, with about 7 million tourists visiting the tower annually.

Georges Pompidou
Center is the Center Georges Pompidou, a cultural complex, located in the capital, Paris, was established in 1977 by the three largest British architects, and upon its establishment the center gained immediate fame as the largest cultural place in the world, not only that, but the center witnessed the establishment of many One of the art galleries that contributed greatly to shaping the artistic history of the twentieth century.

In addition, the Georges Pompidou Center consists of 10 floors, and includes a museum, two cinemas, a public library, and ample spaces for art exhibitions.

Orsay Museum Orsay
Museum .. is one of the most important museums in the capital, Paris, which was built in 1852, and was originally built to protect orange trees .. Yes, it was to protect orange trees! .. But at the request of Napoleon III, a new building was built In the garden terrace on the banks of the Seine.

In the year 1870, after the fall of the empire, the building became the property of the state, but it continued to be used as a storehouse of orange liqueur, in addition to being used for many cultural and musical events and art exhibitions.

Disneyland is the largest entertainment place in all of Europe, as well as the highest entertainment centers attracting tourists, it was established in 1987, and its revenue reaches 1354.84 million dollars annually, and it receives more than 275 million tourists from around the world.

attracts many tourists, because it has stunning natural landscapes, and its lake is the purest in all of Europe, as well as includes many cultural and tourist activities.

The island of Corsica and
speaking about the island of Corsica, we must mention that it is located in the western Mediterranean to the north of the island of Sardinia, and what is distinguished in this island is that it has stunning views that catch the eye, as well as it has an important historical position, as it has carried out several revolutions on its land, and it includes Many historic buildings, the most prominent of which are the Bordeaux Tower, the Tower of Capitillo, the Tower de Labarata, and the Genoa Bridge that spans the River Gullo.

The French Alps
and up to the last thing we will talk about .. The Alps, which are 4,810 meters long , are the most prominent attractions for tourists in the winter season, especially since skiers go to them during the ski season and the Olympic Games that are held on its soil, as it is a major center for many centers Skiing, as the Alps are home to various animals, as well as the presence of a park of great beauty and magnificence, so tourists can do many activities, such as skiing, hiking, mountain climbing, white-water rafting, mountain biking, visiting thermal baths, and other activities.


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