The most beautiful tourist attractions in the Hawaiian Island

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The most beautiful tourist attractions on the Hawaiian Island

The Hawaiian Islands has stunning nature and charming, like a piece of heaven on earth, it is also characterized by location Djarave gorgeous,
with its own population composition, and as this share in the factor of attracting tourists from everywhere, is the island of Hawaii,
called the title of the state of love and peace.

The island of Hawaii of the United States of America is an archipelago that contains a group of islands located in the Pacific region.

The city of “Honolulu” is the official capital for it, and the number of islands in it reaches an island.

And because Hawaii is full of famous tourist places in America, because of its privileged location,

in addition to the availability of many tourism activities in it,

we will review the most important attractions and tourist places in it.

Oahu is among the popular islands in Hawaii, and it has many picturesque tourist sites,

such as charming water beaches such as the beaches of Immanalua and Waikiki,

in addition to providing tourists with the possibility to practice diving, in the Hanuma Bay area,

which takes you between the beauty of its charming fish and amazing coral reefs. ,

It also features a wonderful and picturesque set of green heights, mountains that contain many fruit trees, such as pineapple,

raspberry, pomegranate, mango, coconut, and banana, as well as providing tourists with the possibility to participate in surfing

Lolani Palace is also the most famous place on the island of Oahu,

and the thing that distinguishes it is that there is no other palace in the United States of America,

and its construction ended in the year 1882 AD, and later became one of the most famous landmarks and places in Oahu

The Big Island The Big Island is the largest of the Hawaiian Islands, in addition to being classified among the distinct tourist sites,

because of the very diverse tourism activities that take place in it, from sitting on sunny beaches in Kona, seeing fallen waterfalls,

and the presence of a national park, which is called a park Volcano, not only that,

but if you went there you would see the mammoth summit,

one of the peaks covered with wonderful snow

The city of Maui is a prominent tourist attraction, because of the activities it provides to tourists,

such as beautiful cruises, visiting lavender planters,

and walking the distinctive Haleakala road, in addition to the possibility of experiencing the sport of skiing in the antennae of the waterfronts,

whale watching is one of the activities Tourist that depends on tourists watching humpback whales or humpbacks while implementing a group of acrobatic marine games, and Maui is a special place for these whales to live

Kauai is famous for its distinctive tourist sites, such as the famous Calobaba historical site,

and the Halawa Valley, where both sites contain a set of rare and different features that tourists like to see, in addition to the resort that is located in it,

which contributes to providing a luxurious tourist experience for tourists.

Na Bali Coast This coast provides tourists with an opportunity to walk long distances between the wonderful natural areas in Kauai,

and the walking paths are characterized by their natural beauty that includes a group of rivers,

valleys, and cliffs, and there is the Na Bali Coast on the northwestern side of the distinctive island of Kauai

Eating traditional Hawaiian food Traditional food is a special Hawaiian tourist feature;

Where it has a wonderful kitchen that specializes in providing the finest various types of foods, especially tropical fruits, which are most abundant there,

and Hawaii also relies on preparing food in the Filipino and Chinese kitchens; Because it is influenced by the culture of the people who settled in it in the past.


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