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The phrase “Egypt is the mother of the world” did not come out of nowhere, because Egypt receives annually a large number of tourists, who wish to visit the seven-thousand-year civilization, see the Pharaohs, the Nile, and temples, visit museums, wander the streets of Al Hussein and Khan Al Khalili, visit public parks, ride a (felucca) Nile and wander In its wide river at sunset, so it is the hotels that are best sought by tourists or Egyptians who want a change of atmosphere.


In this report, we will review the 6 best hotels located specifically in Egypt.



1 Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at Nile Plaza


  • Occupy the list of the best hotels in Cairo
  • Five star rated hotel
  • It contains 365 hotel rooms
  • Prices range between 4,897 and 7,662 EGP per night
  • It features wheelchair access
  • It has conference facilities and babysitting service
  • Swimming pool, fitness center, gym and Jacuzzi



2 InterContinental Crystal Citystars Hotel


  • Rated five stars
  • It contains 824 hotel rooms
  • Prices range from 2,638 to 4,879 EGP per night
  • Casino for gambling, swimming pool, fitness center and gym
  • Features wheelchair access and babysitting facilities



3 Kemensky Nile Hotel


  • It is ranked third and rated in the five-star category
  • It has 191 hotel rooms
  • Its prices range from 1.915 to 4.265 EGP per night
  • It features wheelchair access
  • Missing wheelchair facilities
  • It has a swimming pool, fitness center and gym
  • Exercise room, spa and jacuzzi



4 Sofitel Island hotel


  • The hotel is classified in the five-star category
  • The hotel has 433 rooms
  • Prices range from 2,259 to 4,301 EGP per night
  • It offers entertainment services such as a casino for gambling, a swimming pool, a restaurant and a bar
  • Spa, jacuzzi, fitness center, gym and exercise room
  • Wheelchair access and babysitting facilities
  • Large conference facilities services



5 The Ritz-Carlto, Nile


  • It is rated in the five star category
  • Its prices range from 3,705 to 6,668 pounds per night.
  • Wheelchair access facilities
  • Family or children’s events house and babysitting
  • Large conference facilities
  • It has a multilingual staff



6 Cairo Marriott


  • It is rated five stars
  • It has 1,087 hotel rooms
  • Its prices range from 2.205 to 4.192 pounds per night
  • Recreational services such as a casino for gambling and a tennis court
  • Spa and swimming pool
  • Fitness center with gym
  • Exercise room and lounge
  • Conference and babysitting facilities
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