The charming landmarks of Hurghada in Egypt

Published on May 20, 2021 by

Hurghada covers an area of 40 km from the coastline of the Red Sea, and is called the Capital of Magic and Beauty; This is due to the purity of its waters, moderate climate, and the purity of its air throughout the year.

The beauty of Hurghada is concentrated in the presence of coral reefs and colorful fish that decorate its waters and the presence of many tourist areas that amaze those who visit it with its beauty.

, as it is classified as one of the three best areas for diving and exciting water sports.

Hurghada has many beautiful tourist places; These include the Sand Museum, Hurghada Water Museum, Mini Egypt Park Museum, Dahar Mosque, Sakkala neighborhood,

Kawthar district, Aquarium Museum, coral reefs, National Institute of Marine Sciences and Fisheries, Wadi Hammamat, Monastery of Anba Antonius, and the tomb of Abu Al Hassan El Shazly.

And the most important entertainment places in Hurghada; El Gouna, which has many wonderful beaches, including Zaitouna Beach and Mangroovy Beach; Where various marine sports such as water skiing, windsurfing, windsurfing, and diving,

as well as the Sahl Hasheesh region; Where you can enjoy watching the Pharaonic city while doing scuba diving.

There is also Makadi Water World, which contains 50 water games suitable for all age groups, there is an area dedicated to children’s games,

and it also contains a large number of swimming pools, cafes, and restaurants, and this city is intended for many tourists with the aim of enjoying water games with their children.

One of the most important natural areas in Hurghada; Giftun Island, which is considered one of the most important natural habitats for seagulls; Magawish Island, which is called the Red Sea Paradise because of its colorful and attractive fishes in all its sizes and shapes, Abu Minqar Island,

which was named by this name due to the presence of the eastern end of it in the form of a tongue of sand in a zigzag image that resembles the beak of birds to a large extent,

and it is inhabited by large numbers of Dolphins and migratory birds.

Among the most famous places to dive in Hurghada are the Belinda Reef, Abu Ramada Big Island, Magawish Island, Love Island, the Abu Qutrah people, the Abu Nahas people,

the Umm al-Ush people, the Umm Qamar people, the Carlos people, the Arouf people, the Fanadir Island, Abu Naqqad, and Sha’ab Tawila And many other places to dive.


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