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If you want knowledge, culture and light, you must visit the Library of Alexandria, which is the most famous library in Egypt, the mother of the world and in the world, as it is a great window of knowledge because it contains the greatest books that came in history, and which will not come like it, as its fame came from here, in addition to its name The Great Library, and the Royal Library of Alexandria

Building the Library of Alexandria

There are some accounts that say that the Library of Alexandria was established two thousand years ago by Alexander the Great, as it was said that it included it within his construction of the Governorate of Alexandria, including what went on to say that Ptolemy I was the one who established the Library of Alexandria in 330 BC. Its construction dates back to Ptolemy II, and this is because he who completed the construction process after the end of the reign of Ptolemy the First was lavishly spent on it during his reign, in addition to that he expanded it, by adding some accessories to it, and at that time the Library of Alexandria included a huge number of Books and manuscripts totaled 700.00 volumes, in addition to the works of Homer and Aristotle’s library

The old library

It was said that the Library of Alexandria was the oldest governmental library, not because it was the first library to be established, as some libraries were built during the era of the ancient Egyptians (pharaohs), but it was only for priests, and as it was acquired by the Ptolemies with this greatness, it is certain that they were A great science in libraries, as the Library of Alexandria was and still is a whale of books, in addition to the sciences of the Pharaonic and Greek civilizations, as it is characterized by an unprecedented scientific mixing between intellectual culture with the sciences of the East and the sciences of the West, as it contains the mothers of books, of which there are no copies other than in The Library of Alexandria only, as it contains many of the mothers of Jewish and Christian books

Library fire

There are many stories in this regard, as some have argued that Julius Caesar burned 101 ships in 48 BC, which were found on the shore of Alexandria, specifically in front of the Library of Alexandria, until the fire extended to it, so it burned it as historians believe it was destroyed at this time. On the other side, history mentioned that the library had suffered severe damage in 391 AD, by order of the Roman Emperor Theodosius the First, and despite the damage it suffered, it remained steadfast until the year 640 AD

As for the last narration, it says that the library was completely destroyed by the Muslims and Amr bin Al-Aas during the reign of Omar bin Al-Khattab, may God be pleased with them, and that was in 642 when Ibn Al-Aas went to conquer Egypt, at the same time that some historians denied this matter, and with what connection between the Muslims And the library was burned, as they say that when Ibn Al-Aas entered Egypt, the Library of Alexandria did not exist

And some rumors have gone that the library was burned after Strabo’s visit to the city of Alexandria in 25 BC, but some historians have confirmed that the fire was at the hand of Julius Caesar. The allegations differed, but the result is the same, which is the burning of the Library of Alexandria.

 Modern Library of Alexandria

As the old library was of great pride, it was decided to cooperate with Egypt with the United Nations to rebuild it again, as it was built next to its old site, and in 2002 it was inaugurated, in the presence of the most important scholars from different countries, and it includes a huge number of books rich in science And knowledge, in addition to its great diversity as it was gathered from different parts of the world, and this is nothing but clear evidence that the new library is following the path and footsteps of the mother library, because it is, up to this moment, a link between the East and the West, because of the mixing of different cultures, which has doubled Its importance at the present time is the modern technologies that have been provided with it, and perhaps the most prominent is its archive on the Internet, as well as it varies between 7 libraries to suit all people to harvest information in all possible ways.


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