Niagara Falls

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The beauty of Niagara Falls … the best places to visit

Niagara Falls is one of the natural wonders that are found on the surface of the earth, as Niagara Falls includes 3 huge waterfalls that are extremely magnificent and beautiful that catch the eye from the first moment that you fall on your eye on Niagara, as it is located specifically on the Niagara River between the city of Niagara in Canada at the intersection Ontario and the US state of New York.

The origin of naming Niagara Falls with this name goes back to the Mohawk tribe,

one of the ancient American tribes and its meaning in their language is “neck”.

Niagara Falls is one of the most important factors that attract tourists from different countries of the world. On the one hand,

the falls elevate the economies of countries and on the other hand,

the most important benefits derived from them are the generation of electricity.

As for the time when the waterfalls were formed, it goes back to the Ice Age,

when the glaciers melted and formed one of the great waterfalls regions in the world,

which works daily to increase the number of visitors to it, to experience this wonderful natural place,

any person would like to take off from daily life and the burden of work and life There is no way but to go to Niagara Falls,

where you can enjoy the beauty of the picturesque nature.

These waterfalls were discovered by one of the American Indians,

whose statue was erected on the side of Niagara Falls, which overlooks the American side,

and the Horseshoe Waterfall in Canada is the largest part of Niagara Falls,

with a height of about 167 feet, and about 90 flows from its Percent of the river’s water.

The wonderful thing is that the green color increases the beauty of the water above the waterfalls,

as the presence of this color in the water causes the presence of sixty tons per minute of dissolved salts and rock debris,

which are formed by the flowing force of the Niagara River.

And the best time to visit Niagara Falls in the summer, because it is a great area to attract tourists,

because they may find a wonderful atmosphere in the day and at night,

where you find a very beautiful atmosphere with wonderful lights in different colors at night.

Millions of people come to see Canadian waterfalls every year,

and tourists in 2007 were estimated to be about 20 million visitors and about 28 million tourists in 2009,

 most of whom prefer to take a cruise boat that carries passengers to Rapids under the falls.

Niagara Falls is one of the most powerful waterfalls in the world, with an estimated water flow rate of about 168,000 meters,

while the height of the falls reaches about 56 meters, on the side of the United States,

and on the other side of Canada, its height is 54 meters.

The interesting thing is that Canadian waterfalls can be seen, and touched as well,

especially below the waterfalls and at the end of the tunnel there is an outlet located directly below the waterfalls,

through which you can touch the water, and it is in your hands while you are standing under it in this port.


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