10 best places to visit in Spain

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10 best places to visit in Spain

Spain is a charming kingdom that possesses the elements to attract tourists from all over the world, because of its picturesque beaches and ancient monuments left by the Roman dolphins in addition to the castles that extend to the Middle Ages,

it is really a wonderful example of originality and splendor, so you feel dazzled when you see the white villages In inner Andalusia or vibrant cities

As for what distinguishes the Spanish state is the Andalusian and Arab monuments that remained a witness to the era of the flourishing of the Islamic conquests of Andalusia,

it is distinguished by its wonderful beauty and charming nature, which always attracts the eye of tourists who are interested in ancient cultures

Below we will review the top 10 tourist attractions in Spain

Alhambra Palace

The Alhambra is located on the plateau that overlooks the city of Granada, in southern Spain,

where tourists from everywhere accept it to see the art and originality that exist in the palace, as it is an archaeological palace built-in 1238,

by Abdullah Muhammad I. The palace is full of towers, buildings, gardens, and places of worship, certainly with a charming touch of beautiful Islamic art

Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

It is a Roman Catholic church, built in 1882, and it is considered one of the largest churches in the world, because of its enormity you can see it from all over the city of Barcelona,

​​and it is also the number 1 face for tourists from all over the world, and the interesting thing is that its construction has not been completed.

The Great Mosque of Cordoba

It is one of the largest mosques in the world before it was converted into a cathedral, as it was one day the main mosque of Western Islam,

and it is one of the greatest architectural achievements in Islamic history, and although today it is considered a Catholic cathedral,

called a conservative lady of the transition, but from the inside,

it is very easy to know that it is A mosque and not as a conservative

Paseo Del Arts

This museum is located in the city of Madrid, and it is one of the oldest museums in the world, from the first moment that your eyes fall on it,

you will feel that it is a masterpiece of architecture, thanks to the priceless collection of artifacts displayed in it, and it receives a number of artworks,

and from The most famous of these are the works of the famous painter Francisco Goya and other great nineteenth-century artists

San Lorenzo de Escorial

It is a small town but a square, located 45 km from the Spanish capital, and it is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain

, as it was the favorite destination for the kings of Spain throughout history,

in addition to its inclusion of a number of tourist attractions, and perhaps the most prominent of them are churches, mausoleums,

and museums in addition to the palace royalist

Guggenheim Museum

This American museum was designed by Frank Gehry, who was built in a genius way,

which made him famous thanks to his amazing engineering design,

and inside the tourist can see a number of exhibitions on modern art

Toledo old city

The wonderful old city of Toledo is one of the cities in which Moorish, Gothic, and Renaissance architecture is mixed in one place,

which is one of the most important factors for attracting tourists because it contains many sightseeing,

especially historical, churches, monasteries, museums, and historical buildings, and all that is desired by anyone. History lover.

White cities

The white cities of Andalusia are not just cities of charming and wonderful beauty and wonderful and attractive nature,

but rather cities with a long, ancient and original history, here tourists can do many things,

including exploring the history and enjoying the picturesque landscapes and strolling in the cobbled streets full of traditional cafes and shops of influence Arab, especially Moroccan.


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