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Statue of Liberty

You will be surprised to learn that the famous Statue of Liberty in the USA was of Egyptian origin. The story dates back to the year 1869 AD; When the famous French sculptor “Frederick Auguste Bartholdi” visited Egypt and made a Nile cruise from Cairo to Aswan.

And he took the idea of ​​the statue from the form of an Egyptian peasant wearing a headscarf, and then went to Khedive Ismail, the ruler of Egypt at the time, with a miniature design for the statue to be a symbol of freedom of navigation and friendship between countries, written on it the phrase “Egypt is the lighthouse of Asia” at the request of the Khedive, who wanted to place the statue at the entrance Suez Canal to celebrate the inauguration of the canal on November 16 of the same year.

Khedive Ismail initially agreed with him, but he returned and turned away from that after he was surprised by the high costs of the statue, its base and other parts, which were more than 600 thousand dollars at that time, and given that huge sums had been spent on digging and equipping the Suez Canal, so it was done. Canceling the idea of ​​the statue due to the lack of sufficient financial liquidity in Egypt at that time, due to the cost, which amounted to huge sums of money digging the Suez Canal.

After the Khedive’s rejection of the statue, France sought at that time to support and consolidate relations with its sister countries overseas by presenting them with souvenirs, including the United States of America, which the Statue of Liberty presented to it on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the American Declaration of Independence.

It was agreed that France would design and sculpt the statue, while America would design the base on which the statue would stand, and the two countries launched a massive campaign to raise funds to finance this large project in  1875, and the design of the statue was completed and shipped to America on The back of a French ship, divided into 350 objects, the statue cost France about 2,250,000 francs.

On October 28, 1886, the statue was unveiled in the presence of the then President of America, Grover Cleveland.

It is worth noting that the statute refers to free liberal thought and takes the form of a woman freed from the chains of tyranny thrown at one of her feet, and in the right hand of the statue he carries a torch symbolizing freedom, and in the left hand of the statue, he carries a book inscribed with Roman letters the date « July 4, 1776 » and this History is the date of the American declaration of independence.

On the head of the lady, we will find a crown composed of seven teeth representing rays symbolizing the seven seas or the seven continents of the world, indicating hegemony and domination. The statue is based on a cement-granite base; Its width is 47 meters, while the length of the statue from the foot to the top of the torch is 46 meters, and the total length of the base is about 93 meters.


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