The 5 most beautiful islands in France

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The 5 most beautiful islands in France .. you can visit them
France is famous for its picturesque beaches and its charming waters that catch the eye, and attract tourists, because of its group of islands that are characterized by magnificence and beauty, through its charming nature, which gives you an indescribable feeling when you are on one of these islansd

In the following, we will review the 5 best French islands, you might want to visit one of them one day


The island of Corsica is located in the middle of the White Sea between France and Italy specifically, and its landscapes are characterized by wild plants that grow freely between the sea and the mountains, which always grab the attention of tourists, and this island, as it is surrounded by bays from every side and side, and with regard to its restaurants, it is distinguished With a group of local French foods that are very delicious, and the island contains a huge mountain chain that occupies two-thirds of the island.

Bel-n-Mir Island

Bel-n-Mira Island is located specifically in the southwestern coast of Brittanin, which is the largest of the Breton Islands, as it extends 17 km in length and 10 km in width, and is distinguished by its crystal rocks, its moderate climate, as well as the beautiful rural atmosphere in which it overwhelms it, where wheat fields are And sand dunes, on steep cliffs and wonderful fishing ports, and all of this is located in the midst of the most beautiful landscapes that the eye adores and the heart desires.

The island of Ile de Re

This small island is located on the French coast, and is characterized by the presence of intertwined plants and wonderful pine forests, where the trees reach the sand of the beach, in addition to the presence of the charming white house, which gives more pleasure to the eye, in the midst of the picturesque nature, and the luxurious restaurants that offer the finest Types of oysters as well as distinct seafood, and the first thing you will notice in Ile de Re is that everyone rides a bicycle. As the highest point on the island is 19 meters and there is a 100 km network of excellent bike paths

Polynesia Islands

The Polynesian Islands are located in the Pacific Ocean, with a total area of ​​about 4,167 km2, and it is one of the largest productive islands in France, because it contains many important natural resources, such as: timber, fish, hydroelectricity, and cobalt. These islands are among the most touristy areas in France, as they are popular with tourists from all over the world

San Battlemy Island

The island of Yan Batlemy is located in the Caribbean Sea and is considered a tropical and magical paradise with its picturesque beach, and it is characterized by being one of the white sand beaches and it is not crowded all year round, and from the villages on which the island is available there is the village of Lorion on the northern coast, and not far from it is the village of San Jean Lyonet, which was the first French settlement on the island and has a number of historical monuments

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