The best tourist places in Germany

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It is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world. It combines the beauty of nature, the diversity of tourist places that can be visited, in addition to the multiplicity of activities that can be undertaken, and it is a distinct tourist interface for tourists around the world, as well as its distinguished by a number of hotels, projects and various tourist facilities, And let’s not forget its wonderful cities … it is Germany 

Germany is located on the continent of Europe, and Berlin is the capital of the country, and the area of ​​Germany is estimated at approximately three hundred and sixty thousand square kilometers, and its population is approximately eighty million people, and the official and circulating currency in Germany is the European Euro 

Here are some of Germany’s most important tourist attractions

The Brandenburg Gate

The Brandenburg Gate is one of the most famous tourist attractions located in Berlin because it is a symbol of the German people’s dilemma because it commemorates the period of division that the city witnessed in the forties of the last century, and this gate remained closed for a long time until it was reopened after the collapse of the Berlin Wall. 

Neuschwanstein Palace

 The ancient Neuschwanstein Palace, which is located in southern Germany, was established in the late nineteenth century, and its construction continued for a period of nearly seventeen years, and after its establishment, it took a place to store money, in order to protect it from attacks by the Allies during World War II.

Cologne Cathedral

The Cologne Cathedral is located in the city of Cologne, and this cathedral is one of the most important religious and architectural monuments in the state of Germany, and it also attracts many tourists around the world for its visits.

Tsugspiste Summit 

The summit of Zugspitah is located on the famous Alps to the southwest of Garmisch, and it is the highest peak in Germany, as its height is about three thousand meters above sea level, and the southern side of this summit contains many charming and strange caves, as well as glaciers or glaciers. Ice cream

Museum Island

Museum Island is located in the Spree River in Mitte in Berlin, but why was it named by that name? .. because it includes five museums that have gained a very wide international fame, and these museums are: the Modern Museum, the Pergamon Museum, the National Heritage Gallery, the Bode Museum, and the Old Museum

The city of Trier

The city of Trier is the oldest in Germany as it dates back to the first century BC, and Trier is located about 180 kilometers from the city of Cologne, and it also attracts many tourists because the city contains a large number of antiquities dating back to Roman histories, such as the original Roman court, And the bridge of the second century

the black Forest

Located in the southwestern corner of Germany, and extending for about 160 kilometers, the Black Forest is one of the highest altitude areas frequented by tourists in Europe, and it is considered a suitable place for hikers, so that tourists can visit the oldest ski area in Germany in Todtnau, in addition to the facilities of the resorts. Baden-Baden, the Black Forest railway station, and the city of Triberg


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